About me

Experienced distributed systems engineer, open source contributor, mainly a Gopher but also Pythonista with just enough JavaScript/CSS/HTML knowledge.

Having designed and developed greenfield API platforms for several startups that allowed them to quickly get to market and become leaders in their fields, I have gained valuable technical skills and significant experience.

I focus on using modern open source technology and keeping in sync with latest industry practices. Currently I use Go as my main programming language and heavily utilise modern dev ops tools such as Docker, etcd, Kubernetes and CoreOS.

I prefer having a fully automated and easily reproducible environments. Having used tools such as Terraform, Ansible and Puppet to automate provisioning of environments on cloud providers such as AWS I feel confident switching from programming to more dev ops focused roles.

Other than that, I am very keen on testing, continuous integration and best practices and I am a frequent contributor to open source software.